This article simply consists of a few photos and a request for anyone who played in the games on the tour to contribute photos and stories. The YC&AC Bulletin magazines sadly carry no references at all to the tour. Perhaps Mr. Skillen could kindly search his archive and send me some stuff in it that relates to this tour. Historians will be keen to learn how many YC&AC players actually were on the field for what could be one the worst recorded defeats in the history of rugby of the period, or in the history of Asian rugby, especially when we consider that a try was four points up until 1991.

Chris ‘Mechanic’ Baker and Robin Hones looking apprehensive and weary from lack of sleep before the game started.
Alan ‘Commie’ Lammin pulling on his socks with the bearded Mike ‘Xerox’ Xeros, co-founder the Seoul Survivors, keeping an eye on him.
David ‘Silky’ Skillen hands a YC&AC pennant to the captain of the Korean team
Mechanic looking fresh and ready for action after the game has finished! He enjoys a post-match beer, with the Commie, Jean Mchel ‘Volante,’ and maybe Robin Hones (back to camera) chat with spectators.
The Chosun Hotel Tankard that sits today in the Mechanic’s home.

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